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The PreZence Recall: Playing at Toads Place in New Haven, Connecticut.

One of our most memorable experiences was playing at Toads Place in New Haven Connecticut , our show that night was pure magic it was indescribable ! There was an aura that left a magical feeling with us that we’ll never forget! It’s probably because we can say that we had honor of gracing the same stage as The Rolling Stones ! Yes the The Rolling Stones , Not to mention that the staff at Toads Place was incredibly gracious towards us and much appreciated. Every famous act from the stones to Alice In Chains

Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen, U2, REM, and Bon Jovi all performed, and the list goes on and on.

The Rolling Stones took over a Connecticut club called Toad's Place on Saturday for a surprise start to the 1989 tour, ending an exile at a vacant girls' school by playing a greatest-hits set for 700 who paid $3 each.Aug 14, 1989

Just a cool magical experience of One of our most memorable amongst many performing experiences!

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